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The Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2018-19

Future Healthy Workplaces Campaigns

The 2018-19 campaign will focus on dangerous substances, with the aim of raising awareness and promoting a prevention culture in workplaces across the EU, as well as targeting specific groups of workers..

The objectives of the campaign are:

  • To raise awareness of the importance of preventing risks from dangerous substances, helping to dispel common misunderstandings.
  • To promote risk assessment by providing information on practical tools and creating opportunities to share good practices, focusing specifically on:
    • eliminating or substituting dangerous substances in the workplace
    • the hierarchy of prevention measures (i.e. following the hierarchy outlined in legislation so that the most effective type of measure is always selected).
  • To heighten awareness of risks linked to exposures to carcinogens at work by supporting the exchange of good practices; EU-OSHA is a signatory to the covenant committing to the EU Carcinogens Roadmap.
  • To target groups of workers with specific needs and higher levels of risks by providing tailored information as well as examples of good practices. These groups include:
    • women
    • migrant workers
    • young people
    • workers at increased risk because of the sector or job they work in
    • temporary workers and workers in the informal economy.
  • To increase knowledge of the legislative framework that is already in place to protect workers, as well as highlighting policy developments.